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Canon 3170 Printer Driver

In the stamp mode, the fax marks all documents scanned for sending in memory mode or direct sending mode. Use a soft cloth that will not scratch the scanning glass. Canceling Automatic Redialing.

Place the cartridge on a flat, clean surface. Document guides Guide the document into the fax for scanning, copying, or sending. Worth the cost, while the manager is usually a absolute waste of time if you ask me. Canceling The Transfer Settings Canceling the Transfer Settings Follow this procedure to delete the transfer setup file and cancel the transfer settings. Some functions may not be available with Windows Media Center.


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Use the buttons on the numeric keypad to dial the number. Setting the Fax for Network Switch. Memory lock Usually a document is printed as soon as it is received, but the memory lock feature forces all documents to be received in memory until you enter a password to print them. Canceling Sending If a person answers, converse normally, then ask them to press the start button on their fax. Periodic Cleaning Periodic Cleaning Follow these simple procedures to keep the fax clean and operating smoothly.

Document Size Document Size Make sure the documents you feed into the fax are within the dimensions shown below. Operation for Network Switch System. Virtually all tools likewise back up the whole Working station layout, to ensure that you may revert to the original construction when the need manifest itself. They will be glad to answer your questions. Hold the green lever and flip the transfer guide up, then slowly pull the paper out from below.

Then press the search buttons to display the transmis- sion type items. To Cancel Sending on a Single-Line Stop Press If you are using direct sending, an alarm sounds and the transmis- sion is canceled immediately. Pull out the jammed paper holding its leading edge while opening the release guide as far as it will go.

ScanWorks Software

How to deal with video card driver problems? When all else falls flat think about the driver installation software.

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The settings that determine how the fax unit operates are called user data settings. Document Media to Avoid Avoid trying to scan wrinkled or creased paper, carbon or carbon back paper, curled paper, coated paper, torn paper, onion skin or other very thin paper. In other words, this is how the fax will operate unless you change the referenced setting. Once you know the transaction number of a document in memory, you can print it or delete it.

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Storing Toner Cartridges Storing Toner Cartridges Follow these simple guidelines when you handle and store toner car- tridges. Enter the department access code password or the user access code. Lift the document feeder tray, the document output tray and the upper output tray. To set up the Report button feature Press the search buttons until you see the display below. Cleaning the Scanner Components.

Canon 3170 printer driver

Open the printer cover again and make sure the toner car- tridge is sitting level and close the printer cover again. Important Before printing from your computer, install the printer driver to the computer to connect the machine and the computer. Installing the Printer Driver. If ever the manual construction results in clashes, or perhaps thwarts certain drivers from properly co aligning others, try to repeat procedures as administrator.

Canon 3170 Series User Manual

Contact your local authorized Canon dealer or your local telephone company for further information if you experience problems with long distance dialing. Note This guide contains information for two Canon models. If you want to use the stamp feature, call your authorized Canon dealer and request installation of this option. Before adjusting the pause time, fujitsu fi-4340c twain driver check with your local authorized Canon dealer or your local telephone company about the correct pause time to use for your telephone system. The machine usage information will be sent to Canon via the Internet.