Business Class M2 Driver s Manual

Freightliner Drivers

Freightliner drivers

Meritor Splitter And Range-shift Transmissions Transmissions Double-clutch through neutral, and shift into the top gear of the low range shift pattern. The air-operated sliding saddle plate contains an air Placing the operating rod in the lockset position cylinder that moves the operating lever to unlock moves the lock away from the jaw.

Freightliner Driver Training Materials

Freightliner Driver Training Materials

Cascadia Driver s Manual

Benefits of working for Freightliner Freightliner offers all employees a competitive salary, considerable career progression and the opportunity to join the Freightliner Pension Scheme. Find out more about working for Freightliner from members of our team. Use the clutch only to start and stop the vehicle and to shift into forward or reverse. The shift points of any vehicle can be deter- power, if necessary. Mounting Bracket injury or death.

If it fails to activate, take the ve- brake performs percent of the required downhill hicle to an authorized Freightliner dealer for ser- braking, resulting in a constant speed of descent. Clutches Notify your Depending on the grade and vehicle load, uninstall printer drivers in windows 7 you Freightliner dealer of the problem.

This allows the speed sensor on the tom version of the SmartShift controller. The desired load on the ing the kingpin lock control handle Fig.

On Columbia input shaft to get a reading. Press the lower half of the switch to and the taillights. Check the steering wheel for excessive play. Position the gear shift lever in neutral. The air conditioner automatically turns on in this mode.

Don t have a VIN Select your truck below

Don t have a VIN Select your truck below

In increases the starting gear by one gear, but no higher than fourth gear. Some starters are equipped with op- not opening the throttle or accelerating the en- tional overcrank protection. Safety and Environmental Check the engine mounting bolts for tightness.

Your vehicle may or may not have a supple- mental restraint system. Doing so could result in severe bodily injury or death.

Repeat several times, as necessary, turning the cloths so that the stain does not redeposit on the fabric. Setup information Fuel Information viii.

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Automatic Slack Adjusters Steering and Brake Systems do not switch off after three seconds, the system should be checked. Considerations Make sure the battery cable connections are clean and tight. The sleeper doors are two-stage touch any part of the exhaust system, or severe burns could occur. Blocked vents will hamper the operation of the unit. To de- height adjustment switch on the side of the seat.

Not all seats have all of the adjustments listed below. Do not at- after deployment. Ordinary Dirt Cab Appearance vinyl upholstery. Meritor Range-shift Transmissions Transmissions The lever-only shift is used to skip a full gear. Eaton Fuller Splitter And Range-shift Transmissions Transmissions only when operating conditions permit, depend- Downshifting ing on the load, grade, and road speed.

If the current gear indicator continues to display a dash, contact an authorized Freightliner or Eaton ser- vice facility. Record the number so, if needed, a duplicate key can be made. Slide Release Pull Handle B. Apply the cloth carefully to the spot from the outer edge to the center.

Sleeper Compartment Restraints Seats and Seat Belts on your shoulder and chest, away from your face and neck. Charge the batteries to full capacity. Follow turbocharger to slow down. The controlled traction differential can be engaged at any speed, except when one wheel is spinning. When in drive, requests to upshift or downshift are enabled.

Rotate the control arm toward the brake chamber until it can be felt contacting the internal stop. For for recommended cleaning procedures. Inspect visible engine wiring for damage or looseness. Operation, Freedomline Transmissions This transmission requires an additional liter air pedal. Press the upper half of the switch Backup lights provide a warning to pedestrians and to activate the fog lights.

Cascadia Driver s Manual

The entire seat moves up or down when adjusting the height. The right-hand side headlight bucket is shown. Unless otherwise noted, all seat adjustments should Fig. The adjustment is either manually or air controlled, depending on the make of the seat.

Our Award-Winning Operations We like to stay ahead of the curve at Freightliner and the industry recognises us for it. Corporate Social Responsibility Freightliner believes in setting industry standards and introducing new thought processes, all while reducing our carbon footprint.

Plug the air lines to prevent Retract the trailer landing gear, and secure the dirt or foreign material from entering the lines. With the transmission in high range, shift pro- gressively downward to the bottom gear in high Upshifting range, double-clutching between shifts. This mixture could cause an explosion, possibly resulting in serious personal injury or death. With the transmission in drive, to request an upshift, pull the control lever up towards you. Recirculation Heater and Air Conditioner Recirculation mode is on.

Hazard Warning Light Tab vice brakes are wet. Move the paddle switch down to activate upper half of the switch to activate the utility lights.

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Wheel And Tire Inspection Fig. If there is no bulb check and no dis- played fault, most likely the brake pedal is par- tially depressed, either by the driver or by some- thing holding the pedal down. Release the foot pedal to lock or upper bunk control panels.