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Teen Left Handed Golf Sets. It really depends on how seriously they intend to learn golf. Ping g Junior Golf Driver. Teen Golf Clubs and Golf Sets.

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Golf is not something you pick up overnight. Good work from the folks down at Mizuno. With a cc head and large sweet spot, you can expect extreme forgiveness, something those still learning will really benefit from. We have tested their fitting system and found it to be a very good guide.

How to marry forgiveness, distance and the ability to work the ball, all into one? As it's in gender neutral colors it's great for both boys and girls. During the drive over to the store, I tried to prepare my son for the possibility of buying lady's clubs. Overall the Ping G drivers look, feel and sound great! Occasionally you can find a good deal on Amazon.

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The folks at True Temper shafts have provided some very useful general guidelines for swing speed and tempo in the chart below. Adult clubs that have been cut down are also not the answer because all you are addressing is the shaft length. Note that a longer shaft will generate more club head speed but may also lead to more off-center strikes i. It has a low center of gravity position that gives easy up distance and a large sweet spot that helps keep the ball straight if your teen hits their drive off center. Just because you see other juniors with adult drivers does not mean it is the best idea for your junior.

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Take the time to choose the best golf clubs for teenagers, as a good set will encourage them to continue the game into their adult years. That concludes our best golf clubs for teenagers list Take the time to choose the best golf clubs for teenagers, as a good set will encourage them to continue the game into their adult years. It's the best value you're going to find and a set that's going to help your teenager improve their golf game.

The second of our recommended Callaway drivers for juniors golfers is a slightly older one - the Big Bertha V Series. These are such a great set of clubs and the price reflects that.

Renting clubs isn't the best option, as they may be the wrong size, worn out or won't allow them to get a feel for the clubs, as they will differ on each visit. The Ping G is simply incredible. What's great about this set is the value for money. Following the epic success of the, er, Epic driver, Callaway have consolidated this with the new Rogue Driver.

While this is completely up to each individual, unless driver club head speeds are above approx. The Rogue Standard driver is a good option for juniors and is reviewed here. They are also more forgiving with off center hits which is beneficial, especially if your teenager is just starting out. The driver is once again cc making it a perfect size for teenagers just starting out.

He swings the club very hard and the flexible shafts of junior clubs were hard to control. Available in Right and Left Hand. The slightly smaller head looks good at address and is great for juniors where sometimes a full size head looks huge on a junior shaft. This piece of equipment will change your game. We will look at some of these below.

All of our teen golf sets have teen flex shafts. It is, however, more expensive than most other junior drivers. With the huge variety of offerings on the market, the most challenging aspect we had was choosing a comprehensive set of drivers to review. They range from inexpensive drivers to some that are in the same price range as adult drivers.

Use the Flynn Golf shaft ordering if need be or if you know what you are looking for you can usually find a good deal on eBay. Everyone finds themselves in this situation at some point but beginner golfers are even more likely to end up in the sand. Because they want you to spend the big bucks on their very expensive adult golf sets. If you do, 6715b video driver you know how hard it is to buy them the right size golf clubs.

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The balance point impacts the swing weight - i. In addition, although some drives will certainly be longer with a longer shaft, there will most likely also be more off center strikes resulting in less distance. The best junior golf drivers have light weight graphite shafts.

Their sets are appropriate for both boys golf clubs sets and girls golf club sets. Setting it further back will give more height and a better carry. We were already contemplating buying him new clubs because his junior set was limited in the number of clubs and because he was getting too tall for them.

Note that the K-series does not have a driver. My son did not need convincing he was sold.

Cobra King Teen Golf Clubs. Most junior clubs are too short and the men's clubs are too long.

This could lead to frustration from the lack of control and general difficulty of using a driver that is too long. As swing speeds get higher juniors can transition into lower loft drivers. Nice and very helpful information i have got from your post.