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But while we are bewildered by maya we accept the illusion as fact and we do not want to accept the truth. But right now such a place I think does not exist. Once again, who is robert pattinson thank you very much for this. There is nothing wrong with this.

And usually love in the material world does not last for a lifetime. He knows if we actually want to surrender to Him and serve Him, or if we just want to make a show. In vedas and puranas, dating headline there is mentioning of non vegetarian diet and its qualities. Sex is really nothing at all and if we think about it logically we can see that.

We are saying only what the authoritative scriptures say. All Questions My Questions Add. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Rather one must go on executing his prescribed duties without hesitation, and one should never be influenced by unwanted association.

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It is just a habit you need to train yourself to follow. Therefore, to act to revive this consciousness within the entire human society is the highest welfare work. Yet this individual degrades this ashrama by acting in such a manner? This is a prerequisite for any type of spiritual advancement.

It takes years to find a devotee partner through website - taht too if you are lucky. They are truly transcendental! Popular Members Shivakumar Animator.

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Martin Davis has added a new profile photo. Hiring managers prefer candidates who not only have an understanding of the topic and experience, but having Training certification in the subject. So we have to become serious. Now i am a total vegetarian and i am not trying to promote non-vegetarianism. But some time in the future you may get married and have a wife and family.

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The four purusarthas human goals of grihastha ashramare summarised as follows. In ancient Indian period, the concept of total vegetarianism does not exist. Therefore, as soon as there is pollution, dating means there is a class of men who have polluted. Sarnaduti Brahma reacted on this. Home Ask Question My Questions.

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Taking Carnamrita and Chanting Hare Krsna is the best medicine for any disease. So a grhastha couple is permitted to have sex only for this purpose. Everybody does background check - so better to be available in a place where your backgeound can be checked easily. Exam databases are regularly updated throughout the year to include the latest questions and answers from the Microsoft exam.

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  • After that i started looking for a companion in life.
  • Because it will cause for me to stay trapped in that illusion Maya.
  • On each exam page you will find a date located at the top of the page indicating the most recent update to the list of test questions and answers.

And that punishment will be that you will never be able to follow the four regulative principles and never be able to become Krishna conscious. All parts of the body are meant to keep the body fit. Im not here advocating free sex love. Press here to download Testing Engine that simulates real exam environment.

There are scores like that. Therefore you must adopt this process of Krishna consciousness. If the public is composed of drunkards, smokers, meat eaters, gamblers, and woman hunters, then what is the value of their opinion?

Vedic Marriage is not for Sex (Certainly not for Homosexuality )

Jain marriage

If you make a very sincere attempt to convince her about Krishna consciousness and she is totally against it then you may have to reconsider. Secondly, I do not know whether to ask you this question or not. By our previous karmas, we get the partner in this life.

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Very disgusting things actually. Dont be an idealist, be an actualist. The spiritual texts are given in context of male like not hankering after women, online hook etc. It is always meant for a higher purpose.

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But real love is not like this. Aman Pandey reacted on this. Now, the above details confused me a lot coz few days back i posted a post asking is Lord Shree Krishna and Lord Vishnu both are different or same entity. But in terms of its value, the moon is far more important than all the stars combined.

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Vedic Marriage is not for Sex (Certainly not for Homosexuality )

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Firstly, the decision to practise or not to practise is the decision of the individual. This is the most bewildering thing. Chetan Suri reacted on this.

But the real thing is we need to approach Krishna through His pure devotee. Typing words has become difficult now. Please give some suggestions prabhuji. Enter your password again for confirmation.

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But if this, our regular Krishna consciousness program is allowed to slacken, then everything else we try will fail. But whomsoever think has to think again. If we refuse to follow these principles there is no question of advancing in spiritual life.

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  1. Then, when he is able to promise to follow the regulative principles then I accept.
  2. The most entangling thing, the thing that keeps one trapped in the bodily concept of life more than anything else is sex.
  3. If we only stick up to other things mentioned few times in sastra that are far more important.
  4. The effect of accepting his advice will be devastating on their spiritual lives.

Our movement is essentially for spreading this chanting of Hare Krishna world wide. The whole aim is for setting the right consciousness for the living being who will be sent to the womb, and for us to realise that material life is not our natural life and is troublesome. That is the simple formula for success. So our method is practical.

Maintaining an uncompromising standard is just as important as forgiveness and encouragement to assure the spiritual health of a devotee. The choice is not between being a brahmachari or marrying a non devotee. There is no other goal really than becoming a pure devotee of Krishna. But if you are prepared to take the training directly from Prabhupada, it is all there, in his books.

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So no matter what our condition is we need to just chant Hare Krishna and Krishna will make the arrangements in our lives so we can make rapid advancement in Krishna consciousness. This is known as Dharmasya Glanih. It was like Girl Guides, with guys and without baking. It is not about sex and it is not maya.

If you have been a strong Brahmacary then there is a much better chance that you will be able to regulate sex in married life. We are actually looking for pleasure on the spiritual platform, there is no actual pleasure on the material platform. As far as menstruation, you can chant Hare Krishna in any situation at all, there are no hard and fast rules. To remain as a Brahmacari is very dear to Krishna just like the crest jewel of Lord Krishna at His chest. Hare Krishna Brooke Nice to hear from you.

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