Kerr self sealing mason jar dating, how to date old ball mason jars (with pictures) - wikihow

How to Find the Date of a Kerr Fruit Jar

This is the familiar jar with both glass top and container and the wire clamp to hold the top on. Inspect the jar from bottom to top. They have numbers and letters. But I was wondering if you might be able to point me to a website or something that could help me identify the symbol.

Pictures of Antique Mason Jars

Embossed markings are important in identifying. If only there were created the first listed on the rim of vintage and sealing mason jar, named after john landis mason jar. Rubber rings and wire clamps were once common. Although mainly listing U. Star, which also had the napkin dispensers with a star on the sides, so commonly seen in old movies, would later become property of Dispensers Inc.

Have you ever come across a bottle as described? An internet search should bring up their website, or some way to contact them directly. No one is absolutely sure of a way to identify the year many O-I bottles were made, since single-number date codes were used in the s but also in later years. Hello David, first off love the site, large amount of useful information.

There are many eBay listings for T. So this is certainly a reproduction? The value of antique Ball, Mason and Kerr canning jars varies greatly. If you find out anything more, please keep in touch! Curious if you know what the J relates to?

How to Date Kerr Jars
  1. By the way, many earlier machine-made containers have bubbles in the glass.
  2. Also, I might add that a lot of floats remain unidentified, as pertaining to age and origin.
  3. It is from a collector friend I know.
  4. Ball doesn't, but some others now do.
Dating Old Canning Jars

Antique Mason Jars Are Common

This two-part lid system transformed home canning safety and is still in use today. Is this a novelty item that perhaps someone bought because their last name was cooper, or could these have been owned by a Family member many years ago. St Catherine s old hotel in late got demolished by a bad hurricane which left a lot of neat bottles. They might have gotten that erroneous idea because of the large numbers of Indiana Glass hens posted on ebay, with few bids, simply because that particular type is very, very common.

Look for indications of mold seams on the glass jar. Please check out my webpage about numbers on the base of glass bottles. It has an air bubble in it.

Perhaps a reader has more information. It is still present on some older molds that we run. Any light you could shed or direction you can point to that would help me find more about these marks would be much appreciated.

Any idea what year this could be from? If the jar is blue, then it's like from the early s. Jon, I would suggest you join the Glass Float collectors club on Facebook. The tops of these jars are not threaded but rather have one continuous rib just below the rim.

Though the first mirrors may have been no more than still pools of. Unfortunately, these books are very hard to find, are out of print, and when found they command a high price. Perhaps a reader would have better info. Some friends and I as well as some people on an online forum I frequent have been trying to figure it out, asian dating in maryland but with no luck.

How to Date Kerr Jars

Write to me at my email address listed at the bottom right hand corner and include a picture showing the bottle and the embossing. Some of the information on glass insulators is from research originally compiled by N. Unmarked versions of the same styles were made into the Dispensers Inc.

How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Have anyone seen another doubled stamped beer bottle like this and is it worth anything? Hope this helps, Best regards, David. Is it American-made, or a piece that was produced outside the United States? Are you positive the shards are all from one bottle or type of bottle? David, Im trying to date my jar.

Could someone give me an idea? Not sure where they sent it. At the base of the bottle I found R.

  • Does anyone know anything about these markings?
  • There are no doubt many slightly different variants of the Bromo Seltzer bottles since they were made over a very long period of time.
  • Any help would be greatly appreciated.
How to Find the Date of a Kerr Fruit Jar
Kerr self sealing mason jar
Dating Dating kerr mason jars

Some people collect these because they believe they are scarce. Hope this helps a bit, David. Star Glass Works star on base of A. David, I have a Owen-Illinois liquor bottle.

On the sidewalls they say Kerr, Self Sealing, Mason. The earliest home canning involved a glass jar with a tin lid and sealing wax. Does bubbles in glass make mason jars more valuable? It was made by American Bottle Company, probably dating from the period. An atlas jars them just dating a silicon valley guy the company, and.

Kerr Glass Manufacturing CorporationGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

Pictures of Antique Mason Jars
Dating Old Canning Jars

The only visible markings are located on the top rim below the stopper. Areas along the bank of the river were excavated in the period, nyc free dating website uncovering assorted debris where an unofficial trash dumping area appeared to have been located. What do these bottles usually sell for. Any information would be appreciated.

Vintage Kerr Canning Jars

Kerr canning jars are perfect solution for seasonal fruits and vegetables canning. They also make Kerr, Bernardin and Golden Harvest canning jars. That can be found in my kerr also invented and present canning and bands, the underside of the decline in and pressure. Now if you have these include their self internet dating wedding speech mason jars to produce glass jar. Self sealing mason quart mason has a composition gasket.

Still finding more Maywood items made for Star Products, both large and small sizes. If the jar has this characteristic, known as a pontil scar, it shows that it may have been held with a pontil rod to protect the glassblower from the hot glass while the jar was being made. Quattro's lids pop the vacuum seal with a simple twist action just like store-bought jars of preserved food. Can you help me with this, please?

Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation

Hi John, Thank you very much for the information. Can you suggest a chart similar to the one someone created for the Ball jars? In any case, I also love antiques and history, and I really get a kick out of handling old items that were at one time a part of the ordinary lives of people who have long since passed on. Hi Judi, I assume the jar dates from sometime in the late s into the s, possibly s.

Could you please enlighten me? Also, if I leave it out in the sun will it eventually turn that lovely lilac color? It can be irritating to search high and low for a pair of scissors, only to find one and realize it is. Can you advise in any manner? Canadian brands often have a crown on them, woman pisces and there are several brands of those.

Dating Dating kerr jars

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